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Microfiber Gloves - Art Collections - Blue Wave

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Long cuff design

Padded palm

Consistent, Lightweight gloves

Shock absorbing triple layered padding

Japanese Art - The Wave of Kanagawa 1829. The Great Wave of Kanagawa rose to such fame that it became a definitive representation of Japanese art and culture to most of the world.

New gloves are newly designed with the long cuff. Very convenient to form a fist in order to save energy during training.

Combining some characteristic of the classic #BGV6 sparring gloves with extra padding on the palm area for maximum comfort and safety.

Made from high quality microfiber which is equally as durable as leather but is lighter, smoother and does not degrade like leather does meaning less odours.
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Brand Fairtex
Material Microfiber
Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Fairtex Equipment Co. Ltd
Weight 1.000000
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