Fairtex is exporter and manufacturer of combat equipments and cloths for Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry. We produce only premium and high quality product. Our factory are locating in Thailand.

We have official distributor more than 50 countries worldwide. Our brand and quality are internationally known and our equipments are used by many well-known organizations in this industry such as K-1, WBC Muay Thai, WEC, Elite XC, Strikeforce, Legend FC, Martial Combat, Pancrase, The Contender, Thai Fight etc.

Why Fairtex?

  • Fairtex has clear mission to produce only highest quality product for Fairtex brand. Grade A material is a must. Every compositions of our products have been selected only from top supplier to make sure that we produce the goods that improve your performance and has aesthetic value. We invest more than other factory to achieve this mission and we have never changed our mission since we established the factory
  • Our products have been tested by our own camp and well-known sponsored fighters and champions to design products that really improve your skill and safe. We have our own unique formula in padding and design that’ s not the same as other factory and this is one key of success. It’s more than padding and design formula under leather shell, it’s business secret that you’ ve never known. We would like to tell you that every compositions of our products have been taken care of in order to make you satisfy
  • Our production staffs are high skilled people who are highly trained to do this kind of handicrafts. Our products rely on people more than machine. Skill of people make product of each factory different. It’ s the art of production and the art is not by chance. Other than function, we always train our people to pay attention to aesthetic value. So, please pay attention to detail of our product and you will know what we are talking about.
  • Our products have guarantee. It means if it’ s defect of production or mistake of factory, you will get refund or replacement immediately at our own cost. You don’t have to risk your purse in order to pay more later. This is not included misuse or counterfeit product from EBAY and Pakistan supplier and products have to be returned within proper time.
  • Most of Fairtex products are the original design of Fairtex such as Leg Kick Pad, #KPLC Curved Kick Pads, #HB10 Bowling Bag, #SP5 Shin Pads, #FMV11 Aero Focus Mitts, #FGV12 Grappling Gloves, #BGV6 Stylish Angular gloves etc. It’s our innovation that you can not buy from other supplier. If you need only the original one and need our unique INNOVATION, please buy from Fairtex cause we know the best on our original design. Copycat could not make 100% immitaion.
  • The root of Fairtex is Muay Thai but Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is also something that we have focused on and we have also known in the MMA industry for quite a long time. Among supplier in Thailand, if you want to buy the real and quality MMA equipment. We propose you as the best choice. Our grappling gloves have been voted around the world to be the best gloves by “Fighter Only” Magazine.
  • Every year, Fairtex return something to the social, we donate money, our equipment and cloth and other necessary things to children, poor community and help in many charity projects. We want to help the social in the way we can cause we are living in the same family; The World. The money we get from you also helps the world better.

Deeply THANK YOU for all of you who select Fairtex Be Inspired!