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Ultra Ergo Shin Pads

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Color: Black
Size: S
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Signature Open System:

  • Features Fairtex’s unique open system with stitching-free joints on the shin and toe protectors for maximum comfort and ergonomic movement. The toe and shin protectors can move separately and freely in different directions up to 180 degrees.

    Note: This shin guard is not detachable like the #SP7 model.

New Contoured Padding:

  • The internal padding is meticulously contoured and sloped to perfectly fit and support your shins. The signature open system helps reduce off-center movement to the left and right while in use.

Extended Protection:

  • Designed to expand side protection for more coverage.

Strap Adjustability:

  • Extended loop tongue to increase strap adjustability, accommodating users with larger calves.
  • Padded inner strap designed for maximum comfort, which can be folded to shorten the strap and accommodate users with smaller calves.

Expanded Toe Protection:

  • Half-inch longer coverage for better toe protection.

Material: Syntek Leather

Available size: S, M, L, XL

Available colors: Black, Blue, and Red 

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