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"Metallic" Boxing Gloves

同じかそれ以下 $107.06 通常価格 $125.95
  • Made of microfiber leather
  • Odorless and highly durable
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Perfect for fighting and training purposes
  • Metallic gloss coloring
  • Bag packaging included
  • Stylish metallic design with 3 layered- foam core construction. Top-quality microfiber shell which is odorless material and even more durable than genuine leather. Smooth touch and Vegan- friendly. Tight-fit hand compartment equipped with a grip bar to secure the fist. Perfect for fighting and training purposes. A unique glove bag is included with the product.
Brand Fairtex
Material Microfiber
Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Fairtex Equipment Co. Ltd
Weight 0.800000
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同じかそれ以下 $107.06 通常価格 $125.95
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