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Fairtex BJJ Gi "Sida"

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"Sida" the famous female character from the epic “Ramayana” world literature is interpreted and converted into the conceptual design of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi.

We still maintain Thai modern arts and combine collage and surreal art of the outer shell design and lining inside.

  • Jacket: 550 grams Pearl Weave
  • Pant: 245 grams Rip-Stop
  • Lining: Cool Max lining, always dry
  • Drawstring: nylon
  • Embroidery: gold thread
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Available size: M1-M4 (kids) and A0- A4 (adult)

The lining inside is the blend of Thai, surreal, and collage art into one single piece of the story. This creative art is done by a Thai female artist from “Studio 29” to deliver culture, art, and new experience to users.

“Sida” in the Thai context is the famous female character from world literature called “Ramayana” or “Ramakien” in Thai. She is the cause of war between the lord of giant depicted on the right-wing of GI and “Rama” who is the ruler of the monkey kingdom depicted on the left-wing of GI.

Both Lord and ruler fall in love with this female character and fight for LOVE. The 2 Tigers under her control conveying the power of love and female

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Brand Fairtex
Gender Women
Manufacturer Fairtex Equipment Co. Ltd
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