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Terms of Use

The terms of use and notices applies to the Fairtex websites. These sites are offered on the condition that the viewer accepts the notices contained without modification of conditions or terms. Use of the site constitutes a legal binding agreement to terms, and users use of site may be subject to additional terms not specified on this website.


Links to Other Web Sites

  • Outgoing links to other sites may be used by Fairtex for information and convience. Fairtex does not take responsibility for any outgoing links. In no event will Fairtex be liable for any injuries or damages caused by connection to other third party web sites linked to Fairtex. Note that access to third party sites will have user fall under the site’s own terms of use agreements.
  • User agrees to relieve Fairtex against any damages, losses, costs (including legal fees and court costs) caused as a result of any other user’s inappropriate use of ID and or password.


Service Marks, Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights

  • Any information or data on the Fairtex Websites are property of Fairtex. Fairtex does not grant or allow the use of images and logos and or any other data collected from the Fairtex site for extraneous use.
  • Changes are periodically made to the site to update for accuracy and adjust typographical errors. Fairtex accepts no liability for loss or damages that arise directly or indirectly from your use of the site or the information included within.


These terms are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. Any disputes will go directly to jurisdiction of the Thai Courts.

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