Fairtex has created a new secondary brand, Yuth, which now sponsors the famed Lion Fight promotion. 

Yuth And Lion Fight 

Yuth is based in Pattaya, next to adjacent to the legendary Fairtex Training Center. It works with the Fairtex equipment center in Bangplee to produce top of the line equipment. 

 The new brand will focus on cobranding, and customized equipment and apparel. The factory in Northern Pattaya quickly turns out original shirts, shorts, and gloves. 

 Seeking to expand the market, Yuth partnered with Lion Fight. The American promotion has had over 70 shows. Headlining fighters include Yodsanklai Fairtex, Steve Walker, Jakub Benko, Amy Pirnie, and more. Recent shows included Italy, Boston, Los Angeles, and the United Kingdom.

Yuth And Lion Fight Boston

 “Working with Lion Fight has been a great experience. It’s the biggest promotion in North America. They are going international,” Sam Suojhayer CEO of Yuth said.

The business relationship has covered the apparel and equipment for Lion Fight shows. Yuth has personally flown gloves, shorts, sports bras, and other apparel to three of Lion Fights recent shows. Each of the events has featured original artwork created in collaboration with Lion Fight. The contract is currently multi fight. 

 Lion Fight And UFC Fight Pass

Lion Fight has a secured deal with UFC Fight Pass and has broadcast shows from around the globe. It has an action packed schedule for next year.

“I am very impressed with the passion that Sam and his team at Yuth have shown towards us and their eagerness in coming up with plans and concepts for the future,” said Lion Fight CEO Scott Kent.

 Yuth, Fairtex, and Lion Fight are excited about these new projects and continued support.

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