Stamp Fairtex shocked the world. The atomweight MMA fighter trained hard for the ONE Championship Grand Prix. The eight woman tournament was filled with fierce competition. Stamp faced the fierce grappler Ritu Phogat in Singapore for the final bout.

“She did much better than expected,” Mr. Wong, founder of Fairtex said. “I didn’t realize that she was so strong with her wrestling.”

As a stand up fighter, Stamp is highly regarded. She is a former ONE Championship Muay Thai and kickboxing belt holder. Stamp trains vigorously twice a day in the morning and night. Her ground game has always been in question though. 

 Stamp Fairtex against Ritu Phogat

To prepare Stamp, Ritu Phogat’s former opponent Jenely Oslim was flown to the training center to prepare Stamp for the championship bout. 

“It was confirmed that Stamp was strong when Jenelyn came,” Mr. Wong said.

Stamp’s strong grappling skills were highlighted in the bout. She was able to submit her opponent by arm bar in the second round.

 Stamp Fairtex armbars Ritu Phogat

“Ritu didn’t think I could armbar,” Stamp said. “She thought I would only fight standing up.”

The dramatic win leads Stamp to take on an even bigger challenge. She will face Angela Lee for the ONE Championship belt.

“I am so excited because Angela is my idol,” Stamp said.

Lee has been out on maternity leave and while there is no immediate date set for their inevitable clash, fans around the world are excited for the event. 

“This is my dream and it came true,” Mr. Wong said. “We have a lot of respect for Angela Lee. We are going to try our best.”

Stay tuned for Stamp’s next bout. 

Stamp Fairtex vs Angela Lee