Apidej Sit Hurin was a legend in the world of Muay Thai. Born in Samutsongkram, he was very active in the main stadiums of Bangkok from 1961 to 1970 and had a purse of considerable size, 85,000 baht.

"I saw him fight many times,” Fairtex founder Mr. Philip Wong said. “In my heart he was my hero.”

Apidej Sit Hurin

Apidej was a hero to many and captured the 147lb Rajadamnern title twice, the Lumpinee titles twice and was a multiple boxing champ.

While he ascended to great heights in his career he fell on hard times after he retired from fighting.

“After he quit fighting, he wholesaled coconuts but had a series of mishaps happen. He depended on his wife who was a seamstress,” Mr. Wong said.

Apidej Sit Hurin

Mr. Wong read an article in the paper about his hero and decided to invite Apidej to come work for him. The Fairtex founder was building out his camp at Bangplee outside of Bangkok at the time.

“We had 4 rings,” Mr. Wong said. “Apidej was my head trainer.”

Apidej helped grow the Fairtex fighters teaching them the tools of the trade.

“He taught everyone. He loved Muay Thai,” Mr. Wong said. “He treated the Fairtex fighters like his own children. Even his son fought as well.”

Old poster of Apidej Sit Hurin

Apidej’s family has gone on to work for Fairtex and his son, Neung, still teaches at Bangplee.

Sadly the legend of Muay Thai passed away from cancer in 2013 at the age of 71.

We are grateful to have had him part of the Fairtex family and team. You’ll always be remembered Apidej.