Australia’s premier Muay Thai show, Rebellion Muay Thai, celebrates its ten year anniversary this December.

The show held quarterly, has been a hallmark of Muay Thai Downunder. Top foreign and Australian talent have performed at Rebellion.

Athletes such as Toby Smith, Jakub Benko, Saemapetch Fairtex, Somsurat Rangkla, Kompetchlek Fairtex, Spring Sia, and more have all graced it’s stage.

Somsurat Rangkla

Promoter Sy Nadji started the show in 2011 because there were no organized pure Muay Thai events. 

“There was no consistency,” Nadji said. “Some shows people would wear shin guards, others not. 

Nadji and his team focused on production and consistency. He hired talented creatives such as William Luu and Tom Gathercole to grow the image and brand of the show. The Rebellion Youtube has over 17,000 subscribers. Many of the videos reaching over a million views.

The goal has always been quality. Nadji sought to have the best fights the world could see.

Kompetchlek Fairtex

“I got fights that I wanted to get fights to see. I wanted to see Saemapetch and guys like that. It’s exciting to get people like that over here,” Nadji said.

Fairtex and Rebellion began a partnership in 2016. The Australian Iranian came to the Training Center in Pattaya to strike a deal. Prem Busarabavonwongs, managing director of the Training Center quickly sealed the deal.

“We shook hands and took a photo,” Nadji said. “I’ve been getting Fairtex fighters and Fairtex has done all our shorts, equipment, and everything.”

Rebellion Muay Thai Fairtex gloves

With the ongoing rise and development of the show, Nadji wants to make things better. 

“I want to ramp Rebellion up more,” Nadji said. “I want to pay the fighters more. I want to get the athletes twice as much. It brings the rest of the industry up.”

Rebellion’s next show is slated for December 4th at the Melbourne Pavillion in Victoria. 

Rebellion Muay Thai 10 year anniversary