The famed Channel 7 stadium in Bangkok hosts some of the most electric Muay Thai bouts in the world. Every Sunday athletes from around the country prove themselves in the afternoon show. 

 Rising Fairtex star Nakrob recently tested his mettle at the arena. He was pit against the technical Kingsaklek Tor Raksong. Nakrob, which means warrior, was able to overcome the odds. He gained a dramatic fifth round victory.

Nakrob came to the battle after a loss to talented foreign fighter Mathias Cassarino. The warrior wanted to redeem himself.

 Nakrob With Prem At Channel 7

After a month of hard training, he stepped in to face Gingsaklek. Nakrob returned to form in style. By the fourth round he was well ahead. He damaged his foe with leg kicks and hard elbows. He finished up the fight with more leg kicks in the fifth round. 

For his outstanding performance, Nakrob took him multiple prizes. He achieved the feared fighter of the week award along with the Mae Mai Muay Thai prize, given to boxers that use all their weapons. 

“It is seldom for a boxer to get all the prizes,” Mr. Wong, owner of Fairtex said. “Usually when Nakrob fights he’s too careful.”

Nakrob’s next match has yet to be decided but rumors are already circulated that he's to take on the Channel 7 champion, Nueathoranee at 135lbs.  

“It was one of Nakrob’s best performances. It shows he will be somebody,” Mr. Wong said. “All of Thailand will know who Nakrob is.”

If the rumors are true, Nakrob’s next win could have his name known throughout the country indeed. 

 Prem with Fairtex fighters at Channel 7