Fairtex is pushing barriers as it moves into a new collaboration with Urface to produce a unique, limited edition run of gloves and shorts.

Combining Urban and Surface elements, Urface, creates unique designs for their products. Coming from the grafitti and art world Urface brings its colorful designs along with elements of Thai culture to new products.

“We wanted to bring Thainess to the design,” Urface graphic designer Tod Ornvilai said about the Fairtex gloves and shorts. “For example the writing in Thai script combined with champion belts and old style boxing rings.”

Joker and Tod from Urface

The Urface company began in 2011 when the founder of Urface went to the art galleries in Thailand. Seeing the work on the wall sold, Urface wanted to use the art not just on one singular object but on many.

“Why don’t we use the creativity of our friends and transform it into products,” Urface brand manager Joker Pattamakom said. "We want everyone to carry artwork with them.”

The Urface products will be carried around the world with the new collaboration between the two companies.

Urface gloves

“Working with Fairtex is another step,” Pattamakome said. “It’s a Thai brand that has gone worldwide.”

Fairtex is glad to launch the new product starting this Friday, May 1st. It will be available via our website and at the Bangplee Fairtex Pro Shop.

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Urface and Fairtex collaboration