Muay Thai Training In Thailand

Muay Thai In Thailand at Fairtex

Our Muay Thai program runs Monday to Saturday. New students are invited to join us at 7:30/8 am for the session that runs until 10 am. The afternoon session begins at 2:30/3 pm. It ends at 5pm. Athletes will jog prior to the session beginning. 

Please bring gloves, handwraps, and work out clothing. 

Privates are available between 10 am and 2 pm. Then again in the evening between 5 pm and 8 pm. Contact the front desk to reserve your private session. 

Water, handwraps, gloves and other sports attire is available for purchase at our pro shop. 

Each session includes 5 rounds of pad work with a trainer. After is bag work and sparring/clinching depending on skill level. Athletes box spar twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Sparring is by invitation. If you are interested ask your trainer for more information.  

Muay Thai Training Prices at Fairtex

Muay Thai 1 Session                                                               500 baht

Muay Thai 10 Session Package                                               4,500 baht

Muay Thai Unlimited 1 month                                                12,000 baht

Muay Thai Unlimited 4 months or more                                 11,000 baht per month 

Muay Thai Unlimited 6 months or more                                 10,000 baht per month 

Private 1 on 1 session                                                            1500 baht


BJJ /MMA Training At Fairtex

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Fairtex in Thailand 

Our BJJ classes run Monday to Friday 6:30 pm to 8 pm. We have an open mat session every Saturday from 10 am – 12 pm.

MMA classes run Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 10 pm. Prior approval by our MMA coach must be obtained before entering the class. 

MMA And Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Prices 

BJJ/MMA 1 session                                                           300 baht

BJJ/MMA 10 session package                                         2,600 baht

BJJ/MMA 1 Week Unlimited                                             2,000 baht

BJJ/MMA Unlimited monthly                                            4,000 baht

BJJ/MMA 3 Months Unlimited                                         10,800 baht

All Inclusive Training Prices

 MMA Training At Fairtex Training Center Thailand

(Unlimited BJJ + Muay Thai 1x per day + MMA if applicable) 

All inclusive 1 month - 15,000

All inclusive 4 months or more is 14,000 per month

All inclusive 6 months or more is 13,000 per month 

Accommodation At Fairtex Training Center 

The Fairtex Hotel Rates

Standard rooms per night are 500 baht per night for one person. It is an additional 400 baht for an additional person. Added beds can be requested for 300 baht per night. 

Deluxe Rooms are 1,300 baht per night.

Grand Deluxe Rooms are 1,500 baht per night.

Standard one person serviced furnished rooms including tv, refrigerator, air con, etc. is 7,5000 baht per month. Rooms include weekly maid service.

Check in is at 2pm. 

Check out is at 12pm. 

Booking can be done via email:

Fairtex Residence Rates

Provides long term apartments. Residence rooms are furnished but does not include regular maid service. Rates do not include utilities and maintenance fees.             

Studio rooms
Short term studio room 1-5 months – 13,000 baht
Long term studio room 6-12 months – 12,000 baht
Grand Apartment 
Short term Grand Apartment room 1-5 months – 15,000 baht
Long term Grand Apartment room 6-12 months – 14,000 baht
 Grand House 
 Short term 1-5 months – 22,000 baht
 Long term 6-12 months – 20,000 baht 
Bookings can be made via email:

 Frequently asked questions about training at Fairtex 

Does Fairtex provide food?

Fairtex does not provide food. However, there are many food choices to choose from in the area. There are two large grocery stores in the area, Foodland and Best Super Market. In addition Terminal 21, across the street, has a large and inexpensive food court and lots of restaurants. 


The Fairtex Training Center is in walking distance to Terminal 21, grocery stores, Tesco Lotus, massage shops and other areas. 

Motorbikes are available for rent in the surrounding area behind the Training Center. 

Motorbike taxis are available in front of the Training Center. They can be hired to bring you around the city.

Transportation apps like Grab or Bolt can be downloaded and travel can be organized online. 

Arrival to the Training Center from Bangkok can be arranged via taxi or buses. Taxis from Suvarnabhumi airport to the Training Center range from 1,200-1,600 baht. 

 The Ekkamai bus station offers regular vehicles that go to the North Pattaya bus station. 

Student Visa Options for Learning Muay Thai

Fairtex is officially recognized by the Education Department of Thailand. Year long student visas can be acquired. For further information contact our visa department: Fight Visa

whatsapp 06301177766 

Located at:

Fairtex Hotel 179/185-212

Moo 5 North Pattaya 

Naklua Bang Lamung

Chonburi 20150