The Fairtex Pattaya Training Center first broke ground thirteen years in continue in a 50-year legacy. The company has been in the Combat Sports and Martial arts world for over half a century. From its humble beginnings, the company grew in size with the equipment and the Fairtex fighters both achieving international recognition.

The growth of Fairtex has seen the company acquire 7 affiliate branches in Japan along with other facilities in China and America. The expansion of the gym and equipment created an opportunity to begin building in Pattaya. And so the original Training Center has moved from Bangplee to Pattaya 13 years ago.

Fairtex Facility Photo

The new seaside location was built alongside two hotels with over 100 rooms in total. Encompassing over 8 rai in total the Fairtex Training center and its accompanying hotels is a staple in Northern Pattaya.

The area is known for its development with the modern Terminal 21 mall built right across the street. Also, the area is seeing the construction of long term residences and condos for upscale and luxury living in a family-friendly environment.

Fairtex Training Center fits right into its location providing safe, appealing rooms, training and knowledge to its students from around the world.

MMA Program at Fairtex with Denice Zamboanga and Jenny Huang

Recently Fairtex began to expand into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Two years ago construction began to extend the Training Center and add in a full-sized MMA cage, two extra Muay Thai rings, an air-conditioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu room, a strength and conditioning center, and more.

The growth of the MMA program has also seen the inclusion of world renown BJJ Black Belt DJ Jackson. He is helping grow both the MMA team and BJJ program.

BJJ Black Belt DJ Jackson at Fairtex Training Center

Since the MMA program's inception, a host of successful fighters have joined the international ranks such as Stamp Fairtex and Mark Abelardo. These high-level athletes join the ranks for world renown fighters such as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Kaew Fairtex, Krobsut Fairtex, Yodsilia Fairtex, and Saemapetch Fairtex.

A commitment to quality, durability, and luxury has helped guide the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya into a new era.