It was a great year for Fairtex and the Fairtex Training Center. We brought the world more of the best Martial Arts and Combat sports equipment along with excellent apparel.

  Our fighters succeeded on every stage and the Training Center had over 115 Muay Thai fights, 19 MMA bouts, and countless Jiu-Jitsu events.

Highlights of the year included Stamp Fairtex winning the first-ever Bantamweight ONE Championship belt, Saemapetch Fairtex facing Nong O Gaiyanghadao,  and Wondergirl Fairtex and DJ Jackson coming to the team. 

 Fighting at Atomweight (52kg), Stamp faced off against IFMA medalist Janet Todd from America. The American fighter has been creating a scene in the states with her excellent technique and star power. Our Thai hero was able to beat Todd in a 5 round full Muay Thai rules contest showing that Fairtex and Thailand are still in the lead.

Stamp Fairtex

 Saemapetch Fairtex showed off his heart and the Fairtex attitude when he faced Nong O Gaiyanghadao at ONE Championship. Our fighter wanted to challenge for the belt and he did. He took on a tough task and didn’t back down. The fight was a fan pleaser and showed Saemapetch’s warrior spirit.


Fairtex is expanding  and one area that the company is focused on is the growing world of MMA. We’ve continued to refine our team at the Training Center and have recruited rising star Wondergirl Fairtex who recently won the Professional Boxing Association Female Fighter of the Year award from the Sports Authority of Thailand. 

 Wondergirl Female Fighter of the year 2019

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt DJ Jackson has also joined the team and has already helped guide our students and fighters to victory. He’s coached the team to 13 medals at BJJ competitions and already had 2 successes for our MMA team.

 DJ Jackson with Jason Burnworth

Fairtex is looking forward to bringing out the best athletes and the best products for our fans, students, and combat sports fans. We hope that you had a great year and we look forward to 2020!