Fairtex is happy to announce our new partnership with Team Lakay, a leading MMA gym in Baguio City Philippines.

The gym, founded in 2003 by Mark Santiago, has produced a host of high level talent including Stephen Loman, Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion, and Joshua Pacio, ONE Strawweight Champion.

The partnership is a great opportunity for Fairtex to support a growing gym and to continue to develop in South East Asia.

“Team Lakay is the number one MMA team in the Philippines,” Fairtex CEO Chano Nurmakin said. “And we are focusing on Filipino Market right now.”

Mixed Martial Arts in the Philippines is just starting. The country has a long history of fighting though, especially with western boxing with famed fighters such as Manny Pacquiao coming from the country.

“For us now MMA is becoming more popular than boxing,” Pacio said. “You watch ONE and different organizations, the people are going there. It’s always sold out. You can see it in social media. People are into MMA.”

As part of the collaboration, both Stephen Loman and Joshua Pacio came out to the Fairtex Training Center to train and tour. Both took part in our MMA class, Muay Thai class, and BJJ No Gi class. The two champion fighters were excited by their experience.

“It’s awesome,” Pacio said. “We learned some new techniques and rolled with different guys.”

For Pacio and Loman getting new experiences is important as they got different looks and partners. Having a very well-developed team in the Philippines also means they work with the same fighters regularly. Team Lakay got a fresh look here in Pattaya.

The views of the scenic beachside city were also very appealing to the Filipino fighters.

“The facility is complete here. It’s very nice and beautiful. It’s huge,” Loman said.

Joshua Pacio and Stephen Loman sparring

Pacio, who competed in Thailand before got more of a chance to explore the country.

“This time I got to walk around a little and eat. I like the food. It’s spicy! The people are so friendly,” Pacio said.

The official sponsorship will include shorts, apparel and banner placement along with other potential arrangements.

Joshua Pacio and Stephen Loman from Team Lakkay and Fairtex

Fairtex is very excited to have our new friends from Team Lakkay come visit us and we’re looking forward to a bright future working together.