Monsoon season has hit Thailand, and hit the country hard.

Severe flooding has been reported in 553 villages across 10 provinces, according to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department under the Interior Ministry.

Damage From Flooding In Sukhothai

The heavy rain of Tropical Storm Higos wreaked havoc in Sukothai communities. The increased water flow damaged a dyke and brought down 20 electricity poles in the region. Power went out while rescue operations began.

“From the news you can see all the suffering,” founder of Fairtex Mr. Philip Busarabavonwongs said. “People don’t have food, a place to eat, or homes.”

Meanwhile in Roi Et, there were flash floods. Storm Podul made waters surge and stranded students at school. The water reached so high it submerged vehicles. Some areas had more than one meter of water.

To aid Thai citizens harmed by the flooding, Fairtex has joined forces with local organizations. Fairtex help supply locals with water, rice, and other food items.

Fairtex Aids Flooding Victims

“We must not only take, we, Fairtex, must do something for society,” Mr. Busarabavongwongs said. “If we can afford it we do something. We can ease their pain.”

The recent aid given to Thai citizens is part of an ongoing campaign. Fairtex desires to give back and to support the country.

Fairtex Provides Food, Water, And Other Materials To Flood Survivors