Fairtex Student Visa Information

We are excited to extend an invitation to students around the world to learn Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at the world famous Fairtex Training Center in Thailand.

Below is the application process, rules and regulations, and frequently asked questions.

Application Process*

1. Check to see if you are eligible for an Non Immigrant ED Visa or Education Visa. Note some countries are not elible.

2.Contact us at: prem@fairtex-pattaya.com and matt@fairtex-pattaya.com To begin the application process.

3. Fill out application paperwork with your embassy (Contact your embassy for the application - TM 87).

4. Transfer minimum deposit for training and visa.

5. The Training Center will send you necessary documentation for your Thai embassy in your home country.

6. Give documentation to Thai Embassy in your home country.

7.Pick up your passport with Education Visa.

8.Come to the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya, Thailand.

9. Pay for the rest of your training package.

10. We will bring you to the local immigration center to verify your visa. This will take 2-3 weeks. However you will be able to train and live regularly at the Training Center.

Enjoy your time and learn at the best Mixed Martial Arts/ Muay Thai facility in the world

Note: The Training Center can change tourists to Education Visa when the student is in the country already for an additional fee of 9,000 baht. This fee covers transport to neighboring country, hotel, and fees associated with changing your visa to Non B Education Visa.

*Subject To Change Based On Government Regulations

-Minimum deposit of 41,000 baht for Muay Thai Training or 43,000 baht for All Inclusive Training

26,000 baht or 28,000 training deposit + 15,000 baht Visa fee

Deposit will be applied towards tuition:

Training Center Training Costs for long term students

Muay Thai Training
Muay Thai 1 month 12,000
Muay Thai 4 months or more 11,000 per month
Muay Thai 6 months or more 10,000 per month
All Inclusive
(Unlimited BJJ + Muay Thai 1x per day + MMA if applicable)
All inclusive 1 month - 15,000
All inclusive 4 months or more is 14,000 per month
All inclusive 6 months or more is 13,000 per month

Rules And Regulations

We require at least a four month commitment to regular training at the training center in order to issue documentation.

Travel outside of Pattaya must be reported to both Thailand Immigration and the Training Center.

Students that leave the training center for an extended period of time will have their visas revoked.

Students must regularly attend training at the Training Center in order to keep their visas.

Illegal drugs are not allowed on the Training Center campus.

Students are not permitted to be at Training Center facilities under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Students are subject to all laws governing Thailand.

Fairtex Training Center is not liable for injury, harm and stolen or loss property caused while in Thailand and or at the Training Center.

Fairtex has an ethical code of conduct that is applied to both staff and students. Breach of the code may result in punishment or expulsion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fairtex Provide Housing?

Fairtex has several housing options available at the Training Center campus.

The Fairtex Express Hotel:

Standard one person serviced furnished rooms including tv, refrigerator, air con, etc. is 7,5000 baht per month. Rooms include weekly maid service. Rooms per night are 500 baht.

Fairtex Residence:

Provides long term apartments. Residence rooms are furnished but does not include regular maid service. Rates do not include utilities and maintenance fees.

Studio rooms
Short term studio room 1-5 months – 13,000 baht
Long term studio room 6-12 months – 12,000 baht
Grand Apartment
Short term Grand Apartment room 1-5 months – 15,000 baht
Long term Grand Apartment room 6-12 months – 14,000 baht
Grand House
Short term 1-5 months – 22,000 baht
Long term 6-12 months – 20,000 baht

Does Fairtex provide food?

Fairtex does not provide food. However, there are many food choices to choose from in the area. There are two large grocery stores in the area, Foodland and Best Super Market. In addition Terminal 21, across the street, has a large and inexpensive food court and lots of restaurants.

Can I get a student visa and train at other Muay Thai gyms?


Do you provide fights for students?

Fights for students can be arranged based on skill level and availability. Bouts are not promised to students.

Can I be sponsored?

Sponsorship is available on a case by case basis based on athlete’s ability, performance and Training Center availability. Sponsorship is not promised to any incoming students or athletes.