The beginning of Muay Thai this quarter has seen a new push for Fairtex. The world wide recognized brand is now sponsoring the famous Channel 7 Muay Thai show.

Channel 7 is the most popular televised Muay Thai show in Thailand. Bouts run every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm. The bouts are action packed and closely matched. Boxers must weigh in early on Sunday morning and fight later in the afternoon. The bouts are traditional five round bouts with full Muay Thai rules. Boxers kick, punch, elbow, and knee each other for five rounds of three minute duration per round. 

The studio show is an entry for people from all over the world to watch live Muay Thai. Located in northern Bangkok, the studio is walking distance from Mo Chit BTS station.
Krobsut Fairtex at Channel 7
“It’s a major league show,” Chano Nurmakin, CEO of Fairtex Equipment, said.

The TV Channel has a long history in Thailand and was first launched in 1967. In 1972 it began broadcasting nationwide and in 2014 it launched it’s high definition television feed.

“Channel 7 is the most popular Muay Thai show. The history is more than 30 years,” founder of Fairtex Philip Busarabavonwongs said. “It’s an honor to be there.”

The history of the show and channel has made it a high quality and reliable event.

“The quality of the fight card is awesome compared to other shows,” Nurmakin said. “It’s a show that people trust.” 
Fairtex fighters including Krobsut Fairtex regularly perform at the weekly show. 
Fairtex sponsors the gloves and glove tapes for the event. The branding is clear and impacts the local and national market.

“We are a Muay Thai company and for branding purposes we try to get involved in local events,” Nurmakin said.

Fairtex is proud to sponsor Channel 7 along with other promotions in Thailand such as Kiatpetch Promotions and ONE Championship.
Krobsut Fairtex winning at Channel 7