“Sweat & Dream”

Fairtex Amateur Muay Thai and MMA


Register and weight-in on November 28 th , 2020 10.00 AM till 12.00 AM. Declare the match-up on the same day. Competition date is on November 29 th , 2020 10.00 AM.

Remark: Late weight-in is not acceptable. You won’t beconsidered for match-up.


Muay Thai students at all level from Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness gym and other Muay Thai gym.


Amateur Muay Thai rule, no elbow. 3 round and 2 minutes per round, 2 minutes break between each round. Participant must wears Muay Thai shorts, head guard, body protector, shin pads, elbow pads, boxing gloves, groin cup and. Fairtex will prepare all equipments except Muay Thai shorts, Boxing Liniment, mouth guard and hand wraps.

Weight class

Pinweight 42.272 kg. - 45.454 kg.

Mini Flyweight 45.454 kg. - 47.727 kg.

Light Flyweight 47.727 kg. - 48.988 kg.

Flyweight 48.988 kg. - 50.802 kg.

Super Flyweight 50.802 kg. - 52.163 kg.

Bantamweight 52.163 kg. - 53.524 kg.

Super Bantamweight 53.524 kg. - 55.338 kg.

Featherweight 55.338 kg. - 57.153 kg.

Super Featherweight 57.153 kg. - 58.967 kg.

Lightweight 58.967 kg. - 61.235 kg.

Super Lightweight 61.235 kg. - 63.503 kg.

Welterweight 63.503 kg. - 66.678 kg.

Super Welterweight 66.678 kg. - 69.853 kg.

Middleweight 69.853 kg. - 71.575 kg.

Super Middleweight 71.575 kg. - 76.374 kg.

Heavyweight 76.374 kg. - 79.379 kg.

Cruiserweight 79.379 kg. - 86.183 kg.

Heavyweight 86.183 kg. - 90.900 kg.

Super Heavyweight 90.900 kg. up


Get the application form at all branches of Fairtex Proshop, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Pattaya or download it at www.fairtex.com Application Fee is 500 Baht per person. Participants are required to fill out application form and notify any underlying medical problem (if any) and sign to accept term of conditions. If you have underlying medical problem, we need your doctor ‘s instruction that allow you to take part the competition. Anyway, mobile hospital unit will standby on November 29 th .


Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness, Pattaya. See map at www.fairtex.com

Submit the application form and contact us

Submit the application form at all branches of Fairtex Proshop, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Pattaya or 02-385-5148-9

Email: prem@fairtex-pattaya.com, chano@fairtexproshop.com,

nu@fairtexproshop.com, www.facebook.com/Fairtexfactory,


Download the Rules and Regulation here

Download the Application Form here