Fairtex is expanding into the world of boxing and we’re pushing forward with some brand new equipment. 


We’ve been lucky to have our new boxing mitts, sticks, and paddles tested by the best gyms in the world including Lionshead Boxing Academy and William Street Gym. 


Recently Coach Jay R of Lionshead Boxing Academy in Bangkok was able to work with our new equipment. He trained Stamp Fairtex for her recent kickboxing bout against Janet Todd. 

Jay R of Lionshead Boxing Academy with Stamp Fairtex


“The mitts are perfectly fit. I’ve used speed mitts in the past. The curve on these is perfect,” Coach Jay R said. “The ball inside to hold you hand is not too big or small. Also the weight  is good which matters a lot. It can be taxing on my shoulders if the weight is too heavy.” 


Coach Jay R regularly uses the Fairtex boxing equipment to help his students learn the sweet science six days a week for the last six years. He has been particularly fond of our new boxing paddles.


“Boxing paddles aren’t widely used in Bangkok and Thailand. Of all the equipment I like the paddles the most,” Jay R said. “It helps the students snap the punches. It’s easy to use.”

Fairtex Boxing Paddles 

While Fairtex has found success in our home country of Thailand, the Fairtex boxing equipment is blowing up in Australia as well. 


Sy Nadji, owner of the very successful Williams Street gym, regularly uses the new boxing equipment.


“The boxing sticks are good,” Nadji said. “Especially for bobby and weaving drills.”


Nadji and the 250 plus members of the gym use the sticks for countering and defending drills.


“The focus mitts are really good too,” Nadji said.


Fairtex is excited for the continued support of our friends from around the world and we look forward to expanding our boxing line.  

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