It was an exciting night of action at the Fairtex Training Center as we hosted Full Metal Muay Thai. 

Full Metal Muay Thai

 There were seven bouts on the card with athletes from around the world performing. Headlining the show was a WBC Muay Thai championship between Dangkongfah Smart Heart Power Pack versus Souris Manfredi.

Several Fairtex fighters fought.

First up was Gam Fairtex. She opened up the show with a second round win over her opponent Bua Chompoo. Gam landed solid knees to the body to stop her opponent.

Gam Fairtex 

Yodsiam took on Ayoub Bezhad Warrior Academy. The three round fight went the distance. It was a contested battle with a split decision going the way of Ayoub.

 Yodsiam Fairtex

Tall and lanky Kaoklai fought Frenchman Amaury Prime. The momentum of the battle swung back and forth until Prime was able to land an upwards elbow in the clinch. Kaoklai fell and was unable to beat the count.


Benoit Lookyamo took on Alex Singh. The bout at 67kg saw Benoit very aggressive and able to launch a sustained assault on Singh. The Frenchman’s campaign was dominant. By the end of the bout the decision was clear. Benoit took the win on points.  

Young gun Aphidet had a terrific showing against Nong Nan. Named after the legendary Aphidet Sit Hurin, the namesake displayed strong kicks. She was able to take out her opponent with a vicious elbow that downed Nong Nan and caused a large cut. Aphidet took the win.

Aphidet Fairtex 

Pradejseuk showed spectacular form against Hachim Bezhad Warrior Academy. The athletic fighter went the distance with his Moroccan opponent. Pradejseuk wowed the crowd with a cartwheel kick, spinning back elbows and other jaw dropping moves. He took home the points win.


The main event was a five round bout. Fought for the WBC Superflyweight belt, Dangkongfah was able to best Souris Manfredi. It was an electric atmosphere as the two high level boxers went toe to toe for the entire battle. Dangkongfah took home a clear win and a unanimous points decision. 

WBC Muay Thai

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