Fairtex hosted a food distribution event in the Bangplee district of Bangkok at Klongbangkaew school, just a short walk from the Fairtex Factory.

Over 500 packages containing essential items of water, rice, noodles, tuna, and eggs were given away to local residents.

Food care packages from Fairtex

“We’re here to help people during the tough times of Covid-19,” Managing Director for the Fairtex Training Center Prem Busarabavonwong said. “We want to be a part of supporting people and help people be stronger.”

Since 1971, when the company was founded, Fairtex has striven to support Thai people.

Prem Fairtex helps Thai People

The international company has deep roots in the community with many of its 400+ staff living in the area.

“For me, myself I’ve lived around here for over 30 years, and worked at Fairtex for over 18 years. So we just want to help people during this difficult situation,” Chano Nurmakin, CEO of the Fairtex Factory said.

From top to bottom the Fairtex family has felt the impact. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Thailand hard with over 2500 confirmed cases and 50 plus deaths. The government has issued lockdowns and many businesses have been closed. This has led to massive unemployment and underemployment.

Fairtex aids Thai people

“We will help until the situation is better,” Nurmakin said.

Thais around the country have been hit hard but Fairtex is looking to stay in their corner. A commitment to people, and to Thailand, has made Fairtex great and Fairtex plans to stay that way through continued support of Thailand and its people.