Lumpinee Stadium hosted the first Fairtex Fight Promotion. The show had 7 bouts of action with three Classic Muay Thai bouts, three Xtreme Muay Thai matches (Muay Thai in MMA size gloves), and two MMA fights.

The show was a success.

“It was the first time everyone worked together. It was a good start,” promoter Prem Busarabavonwongs said. 

MMA at Lumpinee Stadium

The Fairtex Fight Promoter is following in his father’s footsteps who held shows at the Lumpinee Stadium in downtown Bangkok over 20 years ago.

The event saw many firsts for the stadium. It was the first time a female referee worked in the ring, along with foreign judges, MMA bouts, Xtreme Muay Thai, and a female headliner.

“It made a statement that it’s a new era, it’s a new time to promote,” Busarabavongwongs said.

The action was nonstop with each bout having its unique thrills.

For Busarabavongwongs the bout between Padetchseuk Fairtex and Mohammad Labdi was a highlight.

Padetsuk Fairtex scissor kick

“My favorite fight was Padetchseuk. It was a crazy knock down with a crazy kick. I think a lot of people would want to see it. It’s not easy to see a scissor kick knock down,” he said.

Fairtex Fight Promotion returns February 13th at Lumpinee Stadium for another stacked card.

Fairtex Fight Promotion Official Results:

 1. Classic Muay Thai - Yuto Numponthep (Blue Japan) vs Guay Chuam Luak Mathat (Red Thailand) – 60kg Winner Blue Corner By Points Yuto Numponthep

2. Xtreme Muay Thai – Thai-Ngan Le (Blue USA) vs Kaiwan Sitpanancherng (Red Thai) – 53kg Winner Blue Corner By Points Thai-Ngan Le

3. Classic Muay Thai – Nik Saengmorakot (Blue Norway) vs Chanchai Family Muay Thai (Red Thai) – 69/70kg Winner Blue Corner Nik Saengmorakot by TKO at 0:36 left in Round 1 

4. Xtreme Muay Thai - Mohammad Labdi (Blue Moracco) vs Padetsuk Fairtex (Red Thailand) – 60kg Winner Red Corner Padetsuk by TKO with 1:15 left in Round 2

5. Classic Muay Thai – Surena Soleami (Blue Iran) vs Fahsura Fairtex (Red Thailand) -70kg Winner Red Corner Fahsura by TKO with 2:10 left in round 2

6. MMA –Detchadit Bangkok Fight Club (Blue Thailand) vs Johngir Ourbonazoda (Red Tajikstan) – 64kg Winner Red Corner Johngir Ourbonazoda by Decision

 7. MMA – Jada Ketley (Blue Australia) vs Aphidet Fairtex (Red Thailand) – 52kg Blue corner Jada Ketley by Rear Naked Choke at 4:13 in Round 1

Taiwan punches Thai-Ngan Le at Lumpinee