Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya was happy to have the Philippines National Muay Thai team come to our facility. The team came out for over two months to prepare for the SEA Games, a biannual event along with the Asia Championship.

The first event, held in the Philippines, from November 30th to December 10th will have the team competing in nine different events, seven bouts and two Wai Kru Ram Muay contests.

Later in the month the Asian Championship, in Abu Dhabi, will run from the 15th to 22nd and will see eleven athletes perform.

““We decided to come to Fairtex because we knew Fairtex had a large training venue, the quality of the trainers is good, and a long time ago we’ve heard the name of Fairtex.” Head coach Billy Onmula said. “When I was fighting I knew of Fairtex in 1999 and 2000.”

Philippines National Muay Thai team Sparring

The legacy of Muay Thai continued and the Philippines team also got in some rounds in at the local stadiums with the aid of the Fairtex team.

“We knew our athletes could fight here in Pattaya. We wanted to experience more fights here as well,” Onmula said.

In total the team got in 18 bouts over the two months. Many of the athletes competing several times. There were some stand out performances amongst the team such as Colleen Saddi who had four bouts, winning three.

The training over all helped sharpen the Philippines Muay Thai fighters.

“The trainers at Fairtex were fighters before, or are active fighters,” Onmula said. “They can teach technique. Active boxers can train our athletes and spar with them sharing their knowledge of sparring.”

Fairtex is excited to see the Philippines develop in Muay Thai and we are looking forward to their continued success abroad.

Philippines National Muay Thai Team