As part of Fairtex’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility, a small hospital is being built in Kamphaengphet province in Loko hill. 

 “All my life I’ve been trying to do something for society,” Mr. Philip Wong, founder of Fairtex said. “I do what I can afford and now that I’m 76 years old I want to do more before I die.”

Construction at Fairtex Hospital

 A facility in the town is extremely important. It is underdeveloped and transportation is difficult. There is no airport in the region, and the closest train station is three hours away. The area lacks public transportation.

 “Many people die en route to the hospital. We wanted to build a health center because the people in the area are hours away from a large hospital,” Mr. Wong said.

 The push to build the hospital begins with a yearly budget of half a million baht. The hope is to increase the budget every year. 

Fairtex Hospital Location

 The local government has been unable to fund construction in the past. With the aid of Fairtex, the government has promised to send doctors and staff to the facility. 

 We started this year because it’s the company’s 50th Anniversary. We hope to have the construction done by March 24th,” Mr. Wong said.

Fairtex is happy to continue to support Thailand and its people.

 Construction of Fairtex Hospital