The Fairtex staff recently helped aid the people of Bangkok and Ayutthaya in two separate events.

Wat Namdaeng in the Bangplee district was the site of a large food distribution event organized by Fairtex and the temple.

“We got a request to help from the well known local temple, so we didn’t hesitate to do that,” CEO of Fairtex Factory, Chano Nurmakin said.

The event lasted for two hours and locals lined up to safely receive care packages of rice, noodles, water, tuna, eggs, and important cooking supplies such as oil, and sugar.

Nong Toom Fairtex helps local temple

“It is very important if you can support or help,” Fairtex Public Relations representative Parinya Jaroenphon said. “Some families and people have no choice; they really need help from people who can help.”

The pandemic has caused a gigantic economic depression with estimated economic damages of 1.2 trillion baht loss in tourism revenue and an 8 billion baht loss in export revenue.

The former capital of Thailand also was the site of aid as Khun Ae, Operations Manager at Fairtex and Khun Sa, from accounting, went to Ayutthaya to help care for locals impacted by COVID 19. Hundreds of care packages were given out in the city of Ayutthaya at the local temple.

Fairtex aids temple in Ayutthaya

Temples play an important part in the Thai community.

“It’s not just a temple, sometimes it’s a school for the community, and it’s like a non profit organization that helps people too,” Nurmakin said.Monks are a part of Thai community

Muay Thai fighters will often get their first bouts at local temple fairs and monks will be involved in blessings and ordaining businesses along with providing care for the local population in times of need.

Fairtex is committed to continually supporting Thailand and the Thai community during the Covid-19 crisis. We hope that everyone stays strong, stays healthy, and stays together.