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  1. May 18, 2020

    Fairtex Aids Local Temples

    The Fairtex staff recently helped aid the people…
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  2. May 10, 2020

    Fairtex Gives Back During Covid-19 Hardships

    Fairtex hosted a food distribution event in the…
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  3. April 26, 2020

    Fairtex Unites With Urface

    Fairtex is pushing barriers as it moves into a…
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  4. April 19, 2020

    Fairtex Newsletter Issue 2 - Apr 2020

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  5. April 11, 2020

    Easter Day Sale

    Promotion Description: Happy Easter! Best wishes to you this Easter. May your life be blessed with…
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  6. April 06, 2020


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  7. March 30, 2020

    Fairtex Releasing New Metallic Gloves

    Fairtex is bringing the best to you with our new Metallic Gloves. Made for both function and fashion, our new line of gloves come in green, red, and purple.
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  8. March 10, 2020

    Fairtex Introduces New Boxing Equipment

    Fairtex is expanding into the world of boxing and we’re pushing forward with some brand new equipment. We’ve been lucky to have our new boxing mitts, sticks, and paddles tested by the best gyms in the world including…
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  9. January 26, 2020

    Remembering Apidej Sit Hurin

    Apidej Sit Hurin was a legend in the world of Muay Thai. Born in Samutsongkram, he was very active in the main stadiums of Bangkok from 1961 to 1970 and had a purse of considerable size, 85,000 baht. "I saw him fight…
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  10. January 03, 2020

    Fairtex Training Center - 2019 Review

    It was a great year for Fairtex and the Fairtex Training Center. We brought the world more of the best Martial Arts and Combat sports equipment along with excellent apparel. Our fighters succeeded on every stage and the Training Center…
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